An internship is an opportunity for students to work in their chosen profession while attending school in order to gain valuable knowledge and work experience.

Most often, interns are not paid for the work they do monetarily, but are instead rewarded by the sharing of knowledge, ideas, opportunities for their portfolio, networks and possibly a permanent job offer if the intern takes advantage of the opportunity to be a valuable employee.
Students in the Valencia Graphics Department are required to take an internship. Students cannot take an internship until they have passed GRA2182C Advanced Graphic Design II OR GRA2143 Advanced Web Page Design with a C or higher. Students probably won’t qualify for a Graphics Internship until their final two semesters enrolled.

You will not be able to register for an internship without following the steps outlined on our blog:

East Campus Lab Building 1 Room 213 

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various format paper cutters, board cutters, headphone check-out, loupe check-out, spray booth, viewing booth, light table, camera check-out, scanners, wacom tablet check-out and Cintiq monitors. All this in a friendly social working environment with a modern resources for students to browse and lounge while working on their laptops.

Phone: 407-582-2762           Visit for current hours and closed dates. Check before you drive.

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. not supplied to students in the lab.

West Campus Lab 3-150

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various cutting areas, headphone check-out, camera check-out, light table, scanners, loupe check-out, photo tent and wacom tablet check-out. Please be mindful if there are classes in session when using this lab by using only the computers in the back of the room.

Phone: 407-582-1592

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. not supplied to students in the lab.

Osceola Campus Lab 1-244

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various cutting areas, camera check-out, lights and light cube, media card readers, scanners, loupe check-out, Pantone swatch books, and wacom tablet check-out. Please be patient while we work on making lab improvements you’re going to love.

Phone 407-582-4953

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. might not be available for students in the lab.

Feel free to request more information! You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest.

Kristy Pennino
East Campus Program Chair /

Meg Curtiss
West Campus Program Chair /

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2017 GRA & DIG Student Juried Show Award Winners!

by kpennino on April 21, 2017

Congratulations to all of the Graphic + Interactive Design students and Digital Media students who won awards at the 2017 Annual Student Juried Show Opening and Awards Ceremony that took place Thursday, April 20th! Here is the list of awards, winners and works:

Form, Function and Error Free – Aleitha Burton / Awoke Vintage Website
Excellence in Typography Award (Web) – Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website
Best Usability Award – Aleitha Burton / Awoke Vintage Website
Dean’s Purchase Award for Graphics – Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website
Video Ninja Award – Thalia Bunch / They Live Titles Reimagining
Master of Space, Time and Dimension Award – Thalia Bunch / Medlee App Spot
<!– I make the web more awesome. –> Award – Jennifer Melear / Comic Museum Website
Best of Web Award – Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website
Excellence in Spot Color Design – Heather Hunsinger / Malicious Affliction
Dr. R. S. Grove Memorial Award in Illustration – Monica Belakbir / Hwang Jin Yi
For the Fun of It (Purchase Award) – Steph Aziz / Master Peace
ACME “Now That’s Using Your Head” Award – Adam Case / Lego Ad Campaign
Theodora and Peter Mohess Memorial Award – Beatriz Toledo Zanin / MARITACA packaging
The I Never Won an Award but you did (!!) Award – Joaris Manning / Infusion Tea Rebrand
One Hun Concept Award – Aleitha Burton / Sextremism
Chris and Devin Wish They Were As Good As You Award – Lianne Hayre / Times Poster
Free Business Cards Award – Jamie Mariscal / Zuzu Bikes & Gears
you’re clearly awesome at what you do, shut up and take my moneys – Christina Anzalone / Finch’s Landing
The Dazzling Illustration Award – Heather Hunsinger / Artist Book Covers
For the third consecutive year of unbiased greatness, this award continues to be (and will always be) a better award then Jason Ellison’s hack of an award, award – Joaris Manning / Kokoa Chocolate
Excellence in Design for Philanthropy Award – Christina Anzalone / Cocoon Branding
Microsoft Award – Jesse Woodall / Self Portrait With Bear
Jason Had to Have it Award (purchase award) – Jesse Woodall / Is That All There is to a Five
Graphic Design Award – Heather Hunsinger / Barley & Vine Biergarten Branding
Barbara Peterson Excellence in Design Award – Rebekah Rigel / Happy Henna Hedgehog Branding
Excellence in Typography Award (Print) – Aleitha Burton / Forte Magazine
Enduring Optimism Award – Natalie Lauletta / How to Make a Smoothie Animation

Accepted GRA & DIG Work / 2017 Student Juried Show

by kpennino on March 29, 2017

Graphic’s and Digital Media work accepted in the show will be hung in the gallery shortly. To see the great work hanging in the gallery, please join us for our Annual Student Juried Show Opening and Awards Ceremony. Event details:

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 from 6pm – 8pm
*Awards Ceremony at 7pm
East Campus Building 3 Atrium & Anita S. Wooten Gallery

Below is a list of the accepted Graphic’s and Digital Media work for 2017

Printed and 3-D Printed

Yarel Lopez / Futura Poster

Rebeca Delgado / Frutiger Poster

Aarish Syed / The Lovely Bones Poster

Jamie Mariscal / Zuzu Bikes & Gears

Mona Belakbir / Hwang Jin Yi

Lianne Adamczyk Hayre / Times Poster

Steph Aziz / Master Peace

Abby Mae Baird / Garamond Punch Cuts Poster

Jillian Quain / Prototype Creativity Institute

Hong Hoang Chien Thai / Vespa Ad Campaign

Alejandro Carazo / Moana

Beatriz Toledo Zanin / MARITACA packaging
Beatriz Toledo Zanin / Lollipop

Jesse Woodall / Is That All There is to a Five
Jesse Woodall / Self Portrait with Bear

Adam Case / Lego Ad Campaign
Adam Case / Full Crow Moon Company Branding

Jejomar Sobrepena / Drown My Sorrow
Jejomar sobrepena / Spotify Brandbook

Shalim M. Nunez-Rivera / Explain Yourself (card game)
Shalim M. Nunez-Rivera / GAM3RVANA Magazine

Rebekah Rigel / “Missing Something?” Michael’s Ads
Rebekah Rigel / Happy Hedgehog Henna Branding

Christina Anzalone / Cocoon Fundraising Art Print Posters
Christina Anzalone / Finch’s Landing Branding
Christina Anzalone / Neroli Branding Poster
Christina Anzalone / Cocoon Branding Poster

Joaris Manning / Ether Skateboard Co.
Joaris Manning / Infusion Tea Re-Brand
Joaris Manning / Fork & Spoon Food Delivery App
Joaris Manning / Kokoa Chocolate

Aleitha Burton / A Pill a Day
Aleitha Burton / Forte (editorial publication)
Aleitha Burton / Sextremism Poster
Aleitha Burton / We Are All Immigrants

Heather Hunsinger / Barley & Vine Biergarten
Heather Hunsinger / Malicious Affliction Branding
Heather Hunsinger / Artist Book Covers
Web, Video, Motion Graphics, Digital

Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website

Luke Balagia / Katelyn & Her Two Boobs Video

Taylor Huff / Shadow of the Collossus Interactive Map

Aleitha Burton / Awoke Vintage Website

Jennifer Melear / Plaza Live (web)
Jennifer Melear / Copilot (web)
Jennifer Melear / Comic (web)

Natalie Lauletta / Bombay Cafe Website
Natalie Lauletta / Wedding Website

Thalia Bunch / They Live – Titles Reimagining (digital animation)
Thalia Bunch / Medlee App Spot (digital animation)



Plan to Do an Internship Next Semester?

by kpennino on January 25, 2017

If you are currently enrolled in or have already successfully completed either GRA 2182C Advanced Graphic Design II OR GRA 2143C Advanced Web Page Design, then you met the prerequisite and you should be applying for an internship now.




To be a Graphic’s Intern in SUMMER 2018:

  • Apply (Complete your Navigator in Atlas) and watch the MANDATORY Orientation between Monday, February 12th and Wednesday, March 28th.
  • Paperwork is to be dropped of in the East Campus open lab in 1-213 by Thursday, MARCH 29th. OR the paperwork can be emailed to (please make sure attachment size does not exceed 10MB or they will not be received).


Who should watch the mandatory presentation?

Any Graphic’s student who has met the prerequisites and is planning to register for a an Internship NEXT semester. Registering for an internship must occur the semester PRIOR to when you want to be an Intern. (Graphic’s Internship Applicants must be currently enrolled in or have successfully completed GRA 2182C Advanced Graphic Design II OR GRA 2143C Advanced Web Page Design before they can do an Internship).

What steps do I need to take to be registered for GRA 2942C Internship in Graphics?

  1. Fill out the Internship Application Navigator on-line through Atlas. The Navigator is only accessible during the application periods noted above. You can access the login to the Navigator via Atlas or follow this link to the login prompt:
  2. WATCH THE MANDATORY GRAPHICS INTERNSHIP ORIENTATION. The presentation is located in the East Campus (multimedia) Server in the Teacher Transfer volume in a folder called “Internship”. You may also download this file onto your computer by downloading it from my virtual “Drop Box” BY CLICKING HEREYou MUST view this presentation in Adobe Acrobat Reader in order for the videos to work! Feel free to take the presentation home with you for viewing, just keep in mind it is a very large file and will require you have adequate disk space for storage. CAUTION!: The orientation file is close to 200MB, make sure you have adequate disk space before copying/downloading.
  3. Print out all of the paperwork requested in the Orientation and submit it by the deadline (DO NOT take your paperwork to the Internship Office! Follow the Orientation instructions for where to drop off your paperwork!) Not following instructions makes it easy for us to know you haven’t watched the orientation.
  4. Once your Faculty Internship Supervisor (the Graphic’s Instructor assigned to internships) has everyone’s paperwork, he/she will submit everyone’s paperwork to the Internship Office. Once that happens, the Internship Office will process your paperwork and register you for GRA 2942C Internship in Graphics.


APPLYING FOR INTERNSHIP BY THE DEADLINE ABOVE (by filling out the Navigator and uploading your resume and transcripts), WATCHING THE MANDATORY ORIENTATION and SUBMITTING YOUR PAPERWORK BY THE DEADLINE (noted above) IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN BE REGISTERED FOR GRA2942 – INTERNSHIP IN GRAPHICS. (The Internship Office will register you for the course only once you have completed the steps above).



Valencia East Campus Type Fight!

by kpennino on June 10, 2016

Student Juried Show Accepted Graphic’s and Digital Media Work 2016

by kpennino on April 5, 2016

Congratulations to the following students for having work accepted in the 2016 Annual Student Juried Exhibition! Want to know who won awards? Well, then you’ll just have to come to the show opening on Friday, April 15th, 2016 from 7pm – 8:30pm on the East Campus Anita S. Wooten Gallery in Building 3. Feel free to RSVP to the event in Facebook: and liberally share the event with your friends and family! All are welcome!

Student Juried Show Accepted Graphic’s and Digital Media Work 2016

Printed and 3-D Printed

  • Laura Judy – Hand-drawn type prints
  • Thalia Bunch – Typographic Journal
  • Tanoodej Anutarakul – Typography Book
  • Samantha Morales – Afros Book Cover
  • Ashton Dzialo – A to B Ad. Campaign
  • Rebekah Rigel – Bekah’s Branding
  • Mirysa A Robillard – Sweet Knead
  • Sarah Siddiqui – Home Illustration
  • Andy Hamer – Flat Face Fiction
  • Jason Miller – Type Poster, Univers
  • Christina Anzalone – Illuminati Coffee Package Design
  • Heather Hunsinger – Huli Hawaii Restaurant Finder
  • Heather Hunsinger – Coverly Smartphone Cases
  • Heather Hunsinger – What Are You Doing?
  • Heather Hunsinger – Lembrosia Lemonade
  • Ana Laura Pino Gallo – Olivia and Rick’s Wedding
  • Ana Laura Pino Gallo – TEMPLO
  • Ana Laura Pino Gallo – CARBON Barbecue Bar
  • Melissa Miller – Gentry’s BBQ Branding
  • Melissa Miller – Bohemian River Branding
  • Melissa Miller – Make it Grain Branding
  • Taylor Huff – Kino Branding
  • Taylor Huff – Deviant Branding
  • Taylor Huff – Phoenix Project: 3-Poster Series
  • Taylor Huff – HIP Infographic
  • Arliana Oraa – Parks & Rec. Seattle Branding
  • Arliana Oraa – Bonbon Confectionery Branding
  • Arliana Oraa – Oceano Shipping Int’l. Branding
  • Arliana Oraa – Bonbon Ad. Campaign
  • Arliana Oraa – Bodego Food Delivery App.
  • Aleitha Burton – Harbor House Stop Domestic Violence Campaign
  • Aleitha Burton – Max Brenner Ad Campaign
  • Aleitha Burton – Dahlia Bloom Dairy Farm Branding
  • Aleitha Burton – Baskerville Typeface Poster
  • Aleitha Burton – Typograpahy 101 Book
  • Joaris Manning – Infused Tea
  • Joaris Manning – The Art of Beer
  • Joey Morales – Nouveau Architecture Branding
  • Joey Morales – JLM Self Promo and Business Cards
  • Joey Morales – Crypt Zone Arcade Branding
  • Joey Morales – McKinley’s Barbershop
  • Janeza Dino – Wanted On Voyage CD Cover
  • Janeza Dino – Kafka on the Shore Book Cover
  • Janeza Dino – Type Book
  • Janeza Dino – Body Count (Lord of the Rings Illustration)


Web, Video, Motion Graphics, Digital

  • Tanice Arnold – Grave Digger Motiongraphics
  • Sarah Siddiqui – Hangry App. Design
  • Michael Mantia – Street Fighter Animation
  • Alena Tatum – Venue App.
  • Taylor Huff – Valiant Air Command Website
  • Carlos Paz – La Selva Video
  • Natalie Lauletta – Summit User Interface
  • Susi Rivera – RENE Website
  • Rebekah Rigel – Road Trip
  • Rebekah Rigel – Audubon Website
  • Aleitha Burton – Baskerville Type Poster Website
  • Aleitha Burton – Dahlia Bloom Sign-up Form Website
  • Aleitha Burton – Valiant Air Website
  • Brandon Chang – Portfolio Website
  • Brandon Chang – Web Directions
  • Brandon Chang – Indie Merch Store Website
  • Brandon Chang – Chimi King
  • Brandon Chang – Heat Beat Miami
  • Brandon Chang – Dr. Philips Center
  • Brandon Chang – Gigis

Winner List for the 2015 Graphic & Interactive Design Student Juried Show Awards

by kpennino on April 21, 2015

Below is the official list of graphic design, interactive design & digital media students who won awards in the 2015 Student Juried Show:

Form, Function and Error Free:  Stephanie de Sousa / Portfolio Website
Graphic Design Award: Jennifer Foreman / Wedding Design
Barbara Peterson Excellence in Design Award: Tara Paragian / JuJu Q Barbeque Campaign
In Memorial of Kevin M. Scarbrough; May This Award Satisfy His Ghost and Allow His Hellish Screams to End: Nhat Tran / Nightmare on Elm Street Movie Poster
Excellence in Typography Award (Print): Ana Laura Pino Gallo / Type book
Excellence in Typography Award (Web/Interactive): Taylor Huff / Scuba Website
Excellence in Design for Spot Color: Luis Argueta / Personal Brand
Dr. R. S. Grove Memorial Award in Illustration Purchase Award: José Estrada / Social Justice
For the Fun of It: Dahari Urena / It’s Tough Campaign
Best of Show: Dahari Urena / Yeah Yeah Yeahs Campaign
Close, But No Cigar, Best of Show: Laura Judy / A Stance on Standardized Tests
ACME “Now That’s Using Your Head” Award: José Estrada / Social Justice
Dean’s Purchase Award for Graphics: Lisa Yap / Disappearing / Coral Mining / Overfishing Series
One Hun Concept Award: Nhat Tran / FedEx Ad Campaign
Zumafu Foundation Award for Web Design: Taylor Huff / Scuba Website
Zumafu Foundation Award for Interactive Design: Brandon Chang / Portfolio Website
All Those Who Wander Are Not Lost Award: Dahari Urena / Furry Monsterz Campaign
Secret Society: I’m now a BDM with business cards:  Tara Paragian / Evil Twin Campaign
Being Legendary Award:  Tara Paragian / JuJu Q Barbeque Campaign
Social Responsibility Design Award: Nhat Tran / Rhino Equation
Valencia Digital Media Program Award, Best Digial Media Project: Elvis Olavarria / Story of My Life
The Dazzling Digital Illustration Award: Nhat Tran / Dami Wine
Damn! That’s Some Fine Body!: Austen Rebel / Omrade Catalog Poster
One Year Subscription to Skillshare: Valentina Salazar / Shelby Lanes
This Award is Better Than Jason Ellison’s Award: Dahari Urena / Orange Smokehouse
The “Officially That Guy” award for being too damn good: Valentina Salazar / Northern Pacific Railroad Campaign Poster
If I Had Wall Space I Would Buy It Award: Stephanie de Sousa / Naples Zoo Campaign Poster
If Websites Could Be Framed, I Would Frame It Award: Taylor Huff / GamePhile App Design

Creative Village Art Installation

by dsantspree on January 22, 2015


Valencia College and the Creative Village in Downtown Orlando are seeking concept designs for an outdoor public installation. The primary theme and objective is to create an interactive way to collect community input on education in the Parramore community. Funding will support the creation of a community art ‘wall’ or structure featuring the educational theme, and utilizing the phrase “I want to learn…” with open interactive space for the community to record their personal responses. The installation serves three primary purposes:

- information gathering to inform the Creative Villages’ educational partners;

– to raise community awareness about development in the Creative Village;

– to begin to establish community connectedness.

Student Prize:

The student (or group of students) whose concept is chosen for development will be awarded $500.00

About The Creative Village:

The Creative Village is a 68-acre redevelopment project in downtown Orlando, anchored by transit, education and technology. Valencia College and the University of Central Florida are slated to jointly create a higher ed campus within the Village. In addition, the community will gain a K-8 school to anchor the community.

About the Parramore Community:

The Parramore Heritage Community is a diverse area of residential neighborhoods, businesses and industry west of the Downtown Orlando core. Parramore is the historic home of Orlando’s African-American community, and is on the cusp of a new surge of growth as a diverse and vibrant Downtown area. The Parramore Business District consists of two historic retail “Main Streets” – Parramore Avenue and West Church Street. These two streets intersect in the Parramore Town Center, which covers the traditional commercial and industrial heart of Parramore along the Church Street and Central Boulevard corridors. Parramore is home of City View apartments, HD Supply, the Florida A&M University School of Law and the Federal Courthouse.

Project Site:

The Creative Village will transform the former Amway Arena site into a 68-acre mixed-use site. (office, creative, educational, residential, commercial & hotel space). The site for the installation/wall should not exceed 8 feet tall, by 30 feet long long, but design is not limited to “wall” like structures. Please keep in mind that the structure and materials used should be conducive to elements of weather for at least 6 months, with the end goal of being converted into a semi-permanent installation.
<please click here to view the official information package>

Project Requirements:

- Submission must be from current Valencia College students (of any discipline)

- Concept should be a low-tech solution.

- Theme “Education in the community”

- Must include the phrase “I want to learn…”

- Must include a way to record and collect responses from the public audience in a way that is somewhat weatherproof. “Give a voice” to the community the Creative Village will impact.

- Installation will have to last for up to six months. To be translated to and converted to a semi-permanent (five years) installation.

Key Dates:

Entry Deadline: Friday March 27th

  • Drop Off Location: West Campus 5-130, 12:30pm
  • Drop Off Location: East Campus 1-213, 5:30pm


Installation: Summer 2105

Selection Method and Criteria:

  • Entries will be judged by Artists & Industry Professionals.
  • Low-tech solution that creatively engages the community.
  • Theme of ‘Education’ in the community.
  • Must include the phrase “I want to learn…”
  • Must include a way to record and collect responses from the public audience in a way that is somewhat weatherproof.
  • Give a voice to the community that the Creative Village will impact.
  • Installation must last for up to 6 months, to be converted to a semi-permanent (5 years) installation
  • Construction Budget for the actual installation must not exceed $5000.00


Submission Format Suggestions:

- Poster presentation of design concept Renderings: One large Overview and Two Detail Images with detailed notations on specifics of your concept.

- PDF presentation of concept drawings and include student’s name(s), a description/samples of your inspirations, concepts, final solutions, etc., (suitable size for non-computer viewing)

- Printed Presentation Booklet, professional craft quality

All submissions must include:

Student(s) name(s), VID and ATLAS email address(es)

Mailing address(es) & phone number(s) of individual(s) who contributed

Title of Work

Artist’s Statement / Description (Optional)

Click Header Image for a printable PDF of this post.


Wearable Tech Meetup Presents: Factur maker lab, Smartwatches & Oculus VR

by kpennino on January 9, 2015

Echo is hosting the first Wearable Tech meetup for 2015. The agenda is filled with some awesome speakers and topics.
Tuesday, January 27, 2015 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM
Echo at Canvs:101 S. Garlando Ave, Suite 108, Orlando, FL 
for detailed information:

Several Great Upcoming Events!

by kpennino on April 9, 2014

There are several upcoming events you should all have on your radar!

AIGA Orlando Drink & Draw Social:
At Stardust Coffee and Video, Thursday (tomorrow), April 10 from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This is a fun social event. No need to drink or draw! Just show up and get to know your local creatives!  Info on this event can be found on their facebook page:

Annual 2014 Valencia Fine & Graphic Arts Student Juried Show:
At Valencia’s East Campus Anita S. Wooten Gallery (Building 3), Friday, April 18th from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. This is a family-friendly event with some finger food and some of the best graphic design and fine art you’ll see for some time! This event always draws a giant crowd! For more information, see our blog post about this upcoming event here:

Semesterly Portfolio Show ‘n’ Tell:
At Valencia’s West Campus in Building 2, Cafeteria Mezzanine Level (2nd floor), Thursday, April 24th from 5:30pm – 8pm. This is your chance to see what a finished Valencia Graphic & Interactive Design student portfolio looks like! It’s also a great chance to ask graduating students about their experiences. You’re encouraged to bring family and friends. This is a semesterly event, however, this year we went all out and we’ve changed the venue and added food!

AIGA Orlando SPOT Award Showcase: 
At the Orange Studio (1121 N. Mills Ave., Orlando, FL), Friday, April 25th from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. AIGA’s annual SPOT Award Showcase will be a display of all work produced by the protégés of the AIGA ORLANDO MENTORSHIP 2014 program. Open to the public and creative community, all guests and spectators will vote on the best exhibits and pieces by placing a circle sticker (or spot!) next to it. They will also have a guest speaker for the evening sharing their inspiring work, talking about student success and giving insight into life after graduation. This will a spectacular evening that you don’t want to miss! DJ and food truck will be on site while the voting is taking place. For information about this eventj and to purchase tickets:

A Living Gallery of Calligraphers

by kpennino on April 7, 2014




FRIDAY MAY 2, 2014 from 1 – 4 P.M.

A Living Gallery of Calligraphers creating artwork of beautiful writing in a scriptorium setting.

Timothy Botts with several professional calligraphers will be demonstrating historical lettering from Roman capitals to contemporary styles.

Admission is free to the public.


The First Presbyterian Church of Orlando
106 East Church Street
Edington Ministry Center, Room 310
Orlando, FL 32801

For map to church and free parking go to

For information contact
Or call Jean @ 407-339-7383