2018 Student Show Accepted Work & Show Opening

Printed and 3-D Printed

Lois Kamandulis / COOLDAD Magazine

Aleitha Burton, Ronald Fersula, Lianne Hayre, Tawney Mesick, Marissa Miller, Camila Ricchetti, Rebekah Rigel, Jejomar Sobrepena, Beatriz Zanin / Phoenix Nineteen

William Hoag, Jr. / Trilogy Book Cover Designs

Danny Bryant / The Legend of St. Ice

Nathaniel Rios / Eighty-eight
Nathaniel Rios / The Message (Gentrification)
Nathaniel Rios / Gentrification

Claire Angus / Prototype Corporate Stationery

Heather Umstattd / Prototype Stationery
Heather Umstattd / Tumbleweed Style Guide
Heather Umstattd / SYNTAX Poster

Virginia Arkelian / Self Promotion and Process Book

Carolann Byron, William Hoag, Inigo Alonso / LUDO Arctic

Aarish Syed / Bundle of Joy Package Design
Aarish Syed / Acid Victims Awareness Poster

Breanna Glisson / Cold Brew Infographics

Sibelis Taveras / Black Youth Crisis

Steph Aziz / Rocky’s Replay

Ava Buric / The Mighty Growler Branding
Ava Buric / Nacho Daddy’s Taqueria Branding

Heather Nassar / IRONMAN – Art Chantry Inspired

Andrea Oleson / Nightmare of Elm St. Movie Poster

Liz Villa / Fight Club

Mariana Mia Alarza / Finding Nemo Movie Poster – Inspired by Charley Harper

Sarah Pera / Primal Cuts

Reyna Perez / Harpoon Harry’s Restaurant & Bar
Reyna Perez / NIRC Library Redesign Concept
Reyna Perez / Personal Branding
Reyna Perez / Machina Newsreader App Concept

Ronald Fersula / Friendly Eht
Ronald Fersula / My Deer Woman
Ronald Fersula / Drunken Monkey Branding

Ronny Varela / The Miracle Worker

Lillian Rodriguez / Edward Scissorhands Film Poster

Syouata Mulli / The Mighty Growler Branding

Aleitha Burton / Cacao Cuban Restaurant Branding

Randy Dunbar / Band Fan Club Newsletter (MEW)

Jejomar “JoJo” Sobrepena / Pacific Coast Railway
Jejomar “JoJo” Sobrepena / Columbia County Library Website Redesign
Jejomar “JoJo” Sobrepena / Trilleast Concert App
Jejomar “JoJo” Sobrepena / VOID Arcade Lounge
Jejomar “JoJo” Sobrepena / Self Branding

Lawrence Sybblis / Coverly
Lawrence Sybblis / Beast Coast

Casey Rivera / Self Portrait

Amanda Huss / NPR Listen, Learn, Discuss (3-parts)

Yvette Ruis / Social Issue Poster (Autism)

Taylor Huff / Intern Pursuit Poster

Web, Video, Motion Graphics, Digital

Meenakshi Kunduru / Donut King
Meenakshi Kunduru / Fishing Trip
Meenakshi Kunduru / Experience Orlando
Meenakshi Kunduru / WordPress Portfolio Website

Diem Sarah Truong / Sunpass App Redesign
Diem Sarah Truong / SPOT AIGA Capstone Project

Maria Raigosa / Portfolio Website

Serenity Tedesco / Happy Place
Serenity Tedesco / The Plug

Clarissa Antioquia / Angelo’s Steak Pit
Clarissa Antioquia / Columbia County Library

Lois Kamandulis / MUSE (comps & mockups)
Lois Kamandulis / First Gear (comps & mockups)

Aleitha Burton / Clue Interactive Map

Virginia Arkelian / Portfolio Website

Taylor Huff / Okeanos Employee App
Taylor Huff / Mars Direct Website
Taylor Huff / iWatch Mars Direct App

Steph Aziz / Smithsonian National Zoo
Steph Aziz / Craigslist

Daniel Alonso / Sabotage Kinetic Typography
Daniel Alonso / Multiscreen Project

Alex Blankenship / EPCOT Travel Diary

Quillis Frazier / Kinetic Type Animation – J. Cole

Sylvester Nguyen / Star Wars Horror Special

John Oubre / Monty Python and the Holy Grail Cross Genre

Brooke Whyte / Modern Love
Brooke Whyte / Interviewing for Higher Education

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