Accepted GRA & DIG Work / 2017 Student Juried Show

Graphic’s and Digital Media work accepted in the show will be hung in the gallery shortly. To see the great work hanging in the gallery, please join us for our Annual Student Juried Show Opening and Awards Ceremony. Event details:

Thursday, April 20th, 2017 from 6pm – 8pm
*Awards Ceremony at 7pm
East Campus Building 3 Atrium & Anita S. Wooten Gallery

Below is a list of the accepted Graphic’s and Digital Media work for 2017

Printed and 3-D Printed

Yarel Lopez / Futura Poster

Rebeca Delgado / Frutiger Poster

Aarish Syed / The Lovely Bones Poster

Jamie Mariscal / Zuzu Bikes & Gears

Mona Belakbir / Hwang Jin Yi

Lianne Adamczyk Hayre / Times Poster

Steph Aziz / Master Peace

Abby Mae Baird / Garamond Punch Cuts Poster

Jillian Quain / Prototype Creativity Institute

Hong Hoang Chien Thai / Vespa Ad Campaign

Alejandro Carazo / Moana

Beatriz Toledo Zanin / MARITACA packaging
Beatriz Toledo Zanin / Lollipop

Jesse Woodall / Is That All There is to a Five
Jesse Woodall / Self Portrait with Bear

Adam Case / Lego Ad Campaign
Adam Case / Full Crow Moon Company Branding

Jejomar Sobrepena / Drown My Sorrow
Jejomar sobrepena / Spotify Brandbook

Shalim M. Nunez-Rivera / Explain Yourself (card game)
Shalim M. Nunez-Rivera / GAM3RVANA Magazine

Rebekah Rigel / “Missing Something?” Michael’s Ads
Rebekah Rigel / Happy Hedgehog Henna Branding

Christina Anzalone / Cocoon Fundraising Art Print Posters
Christina Anzalone / Finch’s Landing Branding
Christina Anzalone / Neroli Branding Poster
Christina Anzalone / Cocoon Branding Poster

Joaris Manning / Ether Skateboard Co.
Joaris Manning / Infusion Tea Re-Brand
Joaris Manning / Fork & Spoon Food Delivery App
Joaris Manning / Kokoa Chocolate

Aleitha Burton / A Pill a Day
Aleitha Burton / Forte (editorial publication)
Aleitha Burton / Sextremism Poster
Aleitha Burton / We Are All Immigrants

Heather Hunsinger / Barley & Vine Biergarten
Heather Hunsinger / Malicious Affliction Branding
Heather Hunsinger / Artist Book Covers
Web, Video, Motion Graphics, Digital

Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website

Luke Balagia / Katelyn & Her Two Boobs Video

Taylor Huff / Shadow of the Collossus Interactive Map

Aleitha Burton / Awoke Vintage Website

Jennifer Melear / Plaza Live (web)
Jennifer Melear / Copilot (web)
Jennifer Melear / Comic (web)

Natalie Lauletta / Bombay Cafe Website
Natalie Lauletta / Wedding Website

Thalia Bunch / They Live – Titles Reimagining (digital animation)
Thalia Bunch / Medlee App Spot (digital animation)



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