2017 GRA & DIG Student Juried Show Award Winners!

Congratulations to all of the Graphic + Interactive Design students and Digital Media students who won awards at the 2017 Annual Student Juried Show Opening and Awards Ceremony that took place Thursday, April 20th! Here is the list of awards, winners and works:

Form, Function and Error Free – Aleitha Burton / Awoke Vintage Website
Excellence in Typography Award (Web) – Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website
Best Usability Award – Aleitha Burton / Awoke Vintage Website
Dean’s Purchase Award for Graphics – Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website
Video Ninja Award – Thalia Bunch / They Live Titles Reimagining
Master of Space, Time and Dimension Award – Thalia Bunch / Medlee App Spot
<!– I make the web more awesome. –> Award – Jennifer Melear / Comic Museum Website
Best of Web Award – Christina Anzalone / Valencia School of Design Website
Excellence in Spot Color Design – Heather Hunsinger / Malicious Affliction
Dr. R. S. Grove Memorial Award in Illustration – Monica Belakbir / Hwang Jin Yi
For the Fun of It (Purchase Award) – Steph Aziz / Master Peace
ACME “Now That’s Using Your Head” Award – Adam Case / Lego Ad Campaign
Theodora and Peter Mohess Memorial Award – Beatriz Toledo Zanin / MARITACA packaging
The I Never Won an Award but you did (!!) Award – Joaris Manning / Infusion Tea Rebrand
One Hun Concept Award – Aleitha Burton / Sextremism
Chris and Devin Wish They Were As Good As You Award – Lianne Hayre / Times Poster
Free Business Cards Award – Jamie Mariscal / Zuzu Bikes & Gears
you’re clearly awesome at what you do, shut up and take my moneys – Christina Anzalone / Finch’s Landing
The Dazzling Illustration Award – Heather Hunsinger / Artist Book Covers
For the third consecutive year of unbiased greatness, this award continues to be (and will always be) a better award then Jason Ellison’s hack of an award, award – Joaris Manning / Kokoa Chocolate
Excellence in Design for Philanthropy Award – Christina Anzalone / Cocoon Branding
Microsoft Award – Jesse Woodall / Self Portrait With Bear
Jason Had to Have it Award (purchase award) – Jesse Woodall / Is That All There is to a Five
Graphic Design Award – Heather Hunsinger / Barley & Vine Biergarten Branding
Barbara Peterson Excellence in Design Award – Rebekah Rigel / Happy Henna Hedgehog Branding
Excellence in Typography Award (Print) – Aleitha Burton / Forte Magazine
Enduring Optimism Award – Natalie Lauletta / How to Make a Smoothie Animation

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