Valencia Film Poster Competition

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  • Posted: January 20, 2015 22:29

    Rey Garcia

    Reynaldo M. Garcia For starters "Before Infamy" is a very enticing film and I'm glad our program has great taste. With the winning poster will being selected based on it’s conceptual and visual merit and with the discouragement of "clichés," I'm proud to be part of a program that develops students in their own creativity. Also, the private movie viewing is just the cherry on top of all the help this program provides. It's such a benefit to be able to provide 2 posters. I've definitely been caught between 2 ideas and it can be disheartening to let down or give up any idea or opportunity. It's super cool that Valencia’s Film Program wishes to hang the poster artwork in their Film Program headquarters. Reformatting the artwork to fit a DVD box and/or web/social media re-release campaign makes the whole process seem so legit. Good luck everyone! I can't wait to see everyones work in the Film Program Headquarters!