Office of Students with disabilities seeks design intern

The Office for Students with Disabilities is looking for students who are interested and capable of producing tactile graphs with Illustrator.

Not sure what Tactile Graphics are?  Tactile graphics are a means of conveying non-textual information to people who are blind or visually impaired, and may include tactile representations of pictures, maps, graphs, diagrams, and other images.  A person with a visual impairment can feel these raised lines and surfaces in order to obtain the same information that people who are sighted get through looking at pictures or other visual images.

The Office of Students with Disabilities has no funds to pay someone so they would prefer to either hire Federal Work Study students or take a student who is okay with an unpaid internship.

If you are interested, Please contact Julie Balassa for details:

Julie K. Balassa
Assistant Director, Office for Students with Disabilities

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