2013 Orlando Student ADDY Awards

Congratulations to Valencia Graphics Students who won Student ADDY Awards this year!: 

Sung Wonpitaksiri (shown below) (GOLD STUDENT ADDY for her Lowe’s: Evolve advertising campaign done in Professor, Garrett Burtoft’s course):

Stacy Frank (shown below)(SILVER STUDENT ADDY for her AIGA Blue Ridge 2012 Poster Clash “Leadership” poster done in Professor, Kristy Pennino’s course):

Shayla Cannady (shown below)(SILVER STUDENT ADDY for her Genesis Project corporate identity stationery package done in Christine Dupont’s course):

All student and professional winners can be found here:

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  • Posted: February 20, 2013 21:49

    Kara P

    I knew last summer, that this was my "Favorite"