An internship is an opportunity for students to work in their chosen profession while attending school in order to gain valuable knowledge and work experience.

Most often, interns are not paid for the work they do monetarily, but are instead rewarded by the sharing of knowledge, ideas, opportunities for their portfolio, networks and possibly a permanent job offer if the intern takes advantage of the opportunity to be a valuable employee.
Students in the Valencia Graphics Department are required to take an internship. Students cannot take an internship until they have passed GRA2182C Advanced Graphic Design II OR GRA2143 Advanced Web Page Design with a C or higher. Students probably won’t qualify for a Graphics Internship until their final two semesters enrolled.

You will not be able to register for an internship without following the steps outlined on our blog:

East Campus Lab Building 1 Room 213 

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various format paper cutters, board cutters, headphone check-out, loupe check-out, spray booth, viewing booth, light table, camera check-out, scanners, wacom tablet check-out and Cintiq monitors. All this in a friendly social working environment with a modern resources for students to browse and lounge while working on their laptops.

Phone: 407-582-2762           Visit for current hours and closed dates. Check before you drive.

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. not supplied to students in the lab.

West Campus Lab 3-150

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various cutting areas, headphone check-out, camera check-out, light table, scanners, loupe check-out, photo tent and wacom tablet check-out. Please be mindful if there are classes in session when using this lab by using only the computers in the back of the room.

Phone: 407-582-1592

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. not supplied to students in the lab.

Osceola Campus Lab 1-244

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various cutting areas, camera check-out, lights and light cube, media card readers, scanners, loupe check-out, Pantone swatch books, and wacom tablet check-out. Please be patient while we work on making lab improvements you’re going to love.

Phone 407-582-4953

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. might not be available for students in the lab.

Feel free to request more information! You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest.

Kristy Pennino
East Campus Program Chair /

Meg Curtiss
West Campus Program Chair /

Complete list of all campus contacts

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Call for Entries: 2014 Annual Juried Student Fine Art & Graphic Art Exhibition

by kpennino on February 19, 2014



GRAPHICS Student Submission Guidelines (NOTE: The below outlines submission criteria for work done for Graphics courses only. The guidelines for submitting work completed in ART courses is different than what is on this posting for GRA courses and different than criteria set in past years. Please stop by the Fine Art Dept. in Building 3-115 for submission guidelines for work completed in ART courses – e.g. ART1300C.)

Work Eligible: Any work produced in conjunction within a Valencia Graphics class (any course with a GRA or DIG prefix) from Summer session 2013 through Spring session 2014. Students may enter up to 2 pieces from each class taken during that time. Graphics students no longer need to finish their accepted work with plexiglass or framing, so please make sure the work you submit is clean and professional enough to display in the gallery AS IS before submitting it for judging!

Presentation of Submitted Work:

  • Flat graphics work: needs to be professionally mounted onto black mat board for judging and presented in a way that isn’t sloppy or unprofessional. You will want to keep the board to a reasonable size so it is not too floppy to hang or does not warp while hung for several weeks. Posters larger than 11 x 17 do NOT need to be mounted. NOTE: Accepted work will be hung on the gallery walls AS SUBMITTED!
  • 3D work (such as package design, books, etc.): should be submitted in their finished 3D form and delivered in a container (like a box) to protect the contents from wear and tear that might occur while the work is in transit for judging and/or gallery setup. NOTE: Accepted work will be displayed in the gallery AS SUBMITTED! Generally 3D work is displayed on a pedestal, so you will want your work to look good from all sides/angles. You may also choose to submit a professional photograph of your 3D work, however, keep in mind the quality of the photograph will be important in the judging process.
  • Interactive/web projects: should all be burned onto a single labelled CD/DVD and files/folders should be clearly named so they match those on the submission forms. An entry form for EACH project on the disk needs to be filled out and all entry forms attached to the disk. NOTE: Accepted work will presented on a computer in the gallery AS SUBMITTED!

Work Delivery Deadline for Judging: Friday, March 28th (no later than 5pm) to our EAST Campus Graphics Lab in 1-213. You may also drop off your work in the WEST Campus Graphics Lab in 5-130, however; you must drop off your work at that location by THURSDAY, March 27th by 3pm. Each entry MUST have a completed entry form (including ALL of the colored copies) taped to the back in the lower right hand corner. Entry forms can be obtained in the East Graphics area in 1-213 (or in the West Campus Graphics lab in 5-130) or in the East Campus Fine Arts area in 3-115.

Judging of Work: The judging of the work will take place on Saturday, March 29th.

Pickup of Unaccepted Work: All declined work must be picked up by Monday, March 31st in room 1-213. Any declined work left in the lab for longer than 3 weeks will be disposed of.

Accepted Work: A list of accepted Graphics work will be posted in the entry way of the East Campus Graphics area outside of 1-213 by Friday, April 4th and posted on this blog. All accepted work will be taken to the gallery directly from the Graphics judging area by Friday, April 4th. If you need to improve the presentation of your accepted work before it is submitted to the gallery the deadline to get your accepted work better prepared for display in the gallery and re-submitted to the Graphics Lab (1-213) is Friday, April 4th.

Exhibition Opening Date: Friday April 18th, 2014 – The reception is from 6:30 – 8:30pm. There will be an awards ceremony in the Building 3 Atrium at 7:30pm.

Exhibition Closing Date: Friday May 22nd.

Picking Up Work After Exhibition Ends: Work, once taken down from the show, can be picked up in 1-213 between Tuesday, May 27th– Friday, May 30th. Any work that is not picked up by that time may be used to decorate the Graphics Lab walls.

A printout of this information can also be obtained by requesting it from an East Campus Lab Assistant in 1-213.



American Advertising Awards (formerly ADDYs) Call for Entries!

by kpennino on January 8, 2014
The American Advertising Awards (formerly the Addy Awards) are coming up & now is the time to get your entries together!
Early Bird Online Entry NOW through January 10th, 2014
Our student judging panel will consist of amazing local art directors and creatives, allowing your work to get in front of potential employers.
All entries will be proudly displayed at Addy Gallery night in February. Even better, if you win you’ll be able to call yourself an American Advertising Award winner! (which looks great on a résumé).
Student entries are $35.  
Entry Day Location: Full Sail, (Room TBD), 3300 University Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792
Secondary Location: Push Button Productions (Downtown Orlando) 1 S. Orange Ave. #306, Orlando, FL 32801
All entries must be physically submitted at one of these 2 locations on Jan. 15th, 2014.  No entries will be accepted after 7PM. To be eligible for consideration of an American Advertising Award, all work must have been published or aired between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.
To apply, please check out the directions on the AAF website below.


Semesterly Portfolio Show ‘n’ Tell

by kpennino on November 27, 2013

Want to see what finished Valencia Graphic & Interactive Design students’ portfolios look like? Well then stop on by during our semesterly Portfolio Show ‘n’ Tell! Anyone and everyone is welcome to stop by Tuesday, December 10th from 9am – 11am in our East Campus space in Building 1 Room 215.

Graphic Designer/Production Specialist Needed at FASTSIGNS West Orlando

by kpennino on March 18, 2013

Graphic Designer / Production Specialist
FASTSIGNS West Orlando – Orlando, FL 


Under general direction, the Graphic Designer and Production Specialist has a dual role working in the design room and production room until the center has grown to the point of hiring additional staff and separating the roles. This position is responsible for creating computer generated vinyl and/or full color graphics output that can be weeded, cut and applied or printed and mounted to a substrate. This may involve various levels of artistic creativity and will ultimately lead to the complete or modified design from customer drawings, files, or exact output of customer-provided design for output to media. In the production room, this position is responsible for all aspects of the physical construction and assembling of signs from computer cut vinyl and wide format full color printouts. Sign assembly includes preparing substrates and applying vinyl or other media according to written instructions. Also, mounting and/or laminating prints and operating and setting up the laminator for over-laminating, encapsulation, or mounting of digital imaged products is required. Proofreading signs and conducting quality assurance to ensure the accuracy of signs is required.



  1. Prioritize each day to efficiently and cost-effectively schedule the workflow.
  2. Determine the best output method based on the customer’s need.
  3. Read and interpret a Work Order.
  4. Work with co-workers and customers with file transfers, FTP access, photo library options, online proofs, etc.
  5. Determines size and arrangement of illustrative material and copy, select style and size of type, and arrange layout based upon available space, aesthetic design, and production requirements.
  6. Prepare comprehensive illustrations, sketches, layouts, and copy for print reproduction according to instructions of client or supervisor.
  7. Allocate appropriate amount of time to each work order.
  8. Inspect jobs for accuracy before sending them to the plotter or printer. Ensure correct material is used for each job and output devise settings are accurate.
  9. Customer logo maintenance and sourcing: scanning, editing, using the FASTSIGNS Digital Asset Library, etc.; convert graphic files.
  10. Image Sourcing: locate photos, understand copyright laws and release/usage requirements, knowledge of resources to buy stock images, work with service bureaus to create output beyond store capability, and understand resolution options and optimal enlargement specifications from image vendors and image originals.
  11. Provide proofs as necessary, using the FASTSIGNS online proofing system, for customer approval.
  12. Perform daily/weekly computer back-ups; archive files as necessary.
  13. Maintain all equipment including computers, plotters and printers (water-soluble printers, thermal transfer printers, solvent ink printers, etc.).
  14. Maintain accurate electronic and paper record of File Storage and Disks (logs, saving by invoice number, dating) as specified in the FASTSIGNS Operations Manual.
  15. Minimize waste by efficiently using ink, media, laminates, foils and vinyl; notify manager/owner of low inventory.
  16. Communicate with other employees, Sales/Service members on job requirements, timing, and special needs; Sign Maker(s) on job input and output; Production Manager/Center Manager on inventory needs for computer supplies.



  1. Follow a layout to place computer-generated vinyl or full color graphic image(s) on a pre-determined substrate or medium.
  2. Prepare substrates for application. This may include cutting, painting, laminating, cleaning and maintaining the substrates for application.
  3. Feed UV flatbed printer with substrate for printing purposes when necessary.
  4. Weed excess vinyl from computer cut images. Weeding techniques vary with size, type of vinyl and complexity of image. Know how and when to use each technique.
  5. Perform quality assurance measures pre- and post-construction by accurately reading and interpreting a Work Order and then proofing for errors or unacceptable standards (bubbles, rough edges, loose seams).
  6. Perform finishing operations such as laminating, encapsulating, and/or mounting of printed pieces.
  7. Install signs when necessary.
  8. Operate the laminator while maintaining proper fit and settings. Thread laminating or encapsulating material onto the machine, set temperature, pressure, and side guides for proper feeding of material.
  9. Help unload raw materials; clean and maintain storage areas.
  10. Maintain production rate consistency; meet or exceed established minimum rates per hour.
  11. Work on different projects simultaneously.
  12. Run proof sheet and secure approval for production run from supervisor.
  13. Adhere to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes.



  1. Communicate with other employees in a calm and professional manner; express self verbally and listen well.
  2. Report inventory levels and stock to be reordered to the franchise partner.
  3. Increase knowledge of computer graphic design and sign making through reading trade publications and independent study.
  4. Keep the areas neat, clean and organized.
  5. Participate in and practice the FASTSIGNS sales mentality of “Everybody Sells”. Constantly be looking for sales opportunities for the center.
  6. Serve as a backup for answering the phone if the franchise partner, manager and sales/service employees are busy assisting other customers. Assist at the front counter as needed. Understand the sales process enough to consult with customers to determine project needs and solutions.


Interested candidates should mail their resume to Susan Fortini:

2012 Design*Sponge Scholarship

by Amanda Kern on November 8, 2012

The Design*Sponge Scholarship is intended to assist art and design students in the pursuit of their creative endeavors through financial support. Because D*S understands that a students needs don’t always fit into the categories of tuition and housing, this will remain a no-strings-attached award. These funds may be spent in any way the winners feel best suits their creative needs. Whether that’s paying for an unpaid internship abroad, expensive supplies to test a new medium or financing a dream project- we’re here to help.

This year, with the help of sponsors, they’re offering $10,500 in no-strings-attached financial awards to Graduate Students, Undergraduate Students and….High School Students! You can’t learn more about the scholarship online on Design*Sponge’s site. The application deadline is November 27, 2012.

Plan to intern for Spring 2013?

by Amanda Kern on November 4, 2012


Four days have been set for the Spring 2013 Mandatory Graphics Internship Orientation. In order to register for an internship this SPRING TERM, you MUST attend ONE of these meetings:

East Campus Orientations
Monday Nov 26th at 5pm in 1-214
Tuesday Nov 27th at 12pm in 1-214
Thursday, Dec 6th from 1-2pm in 1-214

West Campus Orientations
Wednesday, Nov 28th @ 2PM, West Graphics Lab, 5-130
Thursday, Nov. 29th @ 5PM, West Graphics Lab, 5-130


Who should attend?
Anyone planning to register for a Spring 2013 Internship who has met the prerequisite requirements.

How do I apply for an internship?

1. If you have already taken (or are currently taking) the prerequisite graphics courses (GRA21826 OR GRA2143) you need to fill out the Internship Application form on-line through Atlas. The Fall internship application process will only be available in Atlas (under the My Courses tab) from October 8th until December 7th. Instructions for how/where to fill out the application are here:


2. Print your resume and bring it with you. Although you will be uploading your resume to your application, it’s good to bring a printed copy of your resume in case you’re needing feedback during the orientation.

3. Attend one of the Mandatory Graphics Orientation meetings (dates above) and bring with you the following:

  • Copy of your unofficial transcript indicating that you have taken or are currently enrolled in the prerequisite course(s), and
  • Copy of your well-designed <> and edited personal resumé, and
  • Printout of your ACADEMIC PROFILE PAGE from your application from step 1 above.


Attending this meeting without bringing the paperwork listed above will delay us registering you for internship.

4. Once you have been approved for an internship at the mandatory orientation, the internship office will be notified and provided with your application for processing (note this may take a couple of weeks). The internship office will then register you for the course and/or provide you with the override so you can register via atlas. There is no way to register for internship without this override and the internship office cannot give you an override if you haven’t attended the orientation and haven’t applied by the deadline above.

APPLYING FOR INTERNSHIP BY THE DEADLINE ABOVE AND ATTENDING A MANDATORY ORIENTATION IS THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN BE REGISTERED FOR GRA2942 – INTERNSHIP IN GRAPHICS (The internship office will register you for the course only once you have completed the steps above).

Interns Needed @ snapt

by kpennino on April 30, 2012

snapt, a Strategic Marketing & Consumer Intelligence Software company in Deland, is looking for interns for Graphic Design, Web Programming and Copywriting.

For detailed job descriptions and to learn more about applying to their internship program CLICK HERE.


Push Seeks Web Developer

by kpennino on April 25, 2012
Push | Web Developer Job Description

Push is an award-winning, full-service branding agency located in Downtown Orlando. Push’s capabilities cover everything from advertising and public relations, to research, brand planning, promotions, media buying and interactive design. A dynamic and growing agency, Push focuses on developing strategic, creative and influential work for a variety of more than 30 regional, national and international clients. Push builds brands by bringing creativity and innovation to every client campaign by combining experience with a unique and collaborative culture.

Our motto? Make Cool Shit.

We are currently seeking to fill the position of Web Developer in our Orlando, FL office whose key role is to deliver digital-based projects and campaigns on time and on budget. Applicants must be ready to hit the ground running and jump into projects immediately.

Applicants should be comfortable working in an agile development environment with Git-based version control and should have a creative approach to solving problems.

  • Performs implementation tasks alone and/or in team environment.
  • Codes web projects per technical and design specifications.
  • Integrates third party and proprietary applications.
  • Performs QA, browser compatibility and testing efforts.
  • Perform web site maintenance tasks as necessary.
  • Understands and enforces schedules.
  • Understands and establishes version control (development and live) hosting environments.
  • Field client maintenance requests.
  • Demonstrates appropriate sense of urgency in inquiry response.
  • 4+ years professional experience in web development.
  • Strong HTML and CSS skills (HTML5 / CSS3 experience a plus)
  • Strong object-oriented development skills (PHP5 OOP, Javascript, MySQL)
  • Strong experience with JavaScript libraries (jQuery, etc) and JSON
  • Experience with the integration and implementation of 3rd party APIs and applications a plus
  • Experience with WordPress and other CMS platforms
  • WordPress custom CMS development experience
  • Extensive knowledge of WP custom theme development
  • Knowledge of WP custom plugin development a plus
  • Experience with cross-browser and mobile optimizations
  • Strong technical aptitude
  • Strong emphasis on pixel-perfect, standards-compliant code
  • Excellent communication and problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven team environment on multiple projects
  • Must be highly motivated, fast, precise, accountable and passionate
  • Capacity to learn new technologies / programming languages quickly
  • Understanding of basic graphic design principles and interaction design
  • Familiarity with Macintosh OSX operating systems
  • Ideal candidates can work in-house in our Orlando, FL location full-time, however flexible schedules and project-specific / freelance applicant requirements will be considered.
Salary and benefits are competitive and based on experience. Other job perks and benefits.

Applicants will be required to present real world project examples clearly illustrating their contributions to the projects, code snippets, and other reference code to showcase their experience and past work. Applicants will also be required to provide client and/or employer references.

Interested candidates should contact Samantha Anastasia:

Valencia Gets Out The Vote 2012

by kpennino on April 25, 2012

For the first time ever, Valencia Graphics Faculty & Friends will be coming together for a Program-wide Call for Entries:

The objective of this project is two fold: First, for graphic students, the objective is to build awareness of how design can be a powerful tool to promote a cause, while learning the skills of graphic design. Second, for the Valencia community, the objective is to promote individuals to get to the polls and make their voices heard in the upcoming elections.

We are asking that Graphics instructors include this service-oriented poster design project into their Summer term course(s) to get people out to vote this November. The wining poster design will be posted on all campuses, and handed out as handbills/post cards in a college-wide campaign to encourage participation in the electoral process.

Although we encourage posters, please feel free to design any project you see fitting for your course content (e.g. websites, bus wraps, etc.) around the following specifications and deadlines in mind:

print work:

  • 17” x 24” format (scaled down to print tabloid size when submitted for judging)
  • 2 spot color job suitable for screen printing
  • Artwork should be submitted as vector or a high enough resolution that it could be scaled up
  • Posters should include the following language in some form:

Valencia Gets Out The Vote
Tuesday, November 6th, 2012
For more information on the voting process visit:

Deadline for submission of posters for judging is June 7th, 1-213 on East Campus, before 9PM.  (Delivery of submissions from West and Osceola, will be arranged. The deadline for working needing to be transferred will be June 5th, 2PM, (Osc: 1-246 or West: 5-130) to allow time for submissions to be moved to East Campus).

Judging of the Work:
Submissions will be judged by adjunct and full-time graphics faculty on June 9th.

The winning design will have their poster printed and distributed throughout Valencia’s various campuses at the start of Fall term 2012. In addition to posters, we will also print post cards or hand bills for distribution on campus “Get Out The Vote” events.

Other Resources:
Florida State Division of Elections:

The 2012 Elections Calendar for the General Election:
Deadline to Register:  October 9, 2012
Early Voting:  October 27, 2012 – November 3, 2012; (For early voting times and locations, please visit the Division’s website at )
Election Day:  November 6, 2012
The polls will be open on Election Day from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. local time.
(See sections 97.055, 100.011, and 101.657, Florida Statutes)

FREE Kindle/Kindle Reader Book

by kpennino on April 25, 2012

This book comes highly recommended and is available for FREE download onto your Kindle or free Kindler Reader: