Custom Paper Policies for printing in the lab

Please note that when bringing custom paper into the East Campus Graphics Lab:

  • The paper must be in the original packaging. That packaging must display information expressing the characteristics of the paper, including weight, coating content and specified uses.
  • For the Epson Ink-jet we recommend Epson brand coated , heavy coated or coated gloss ink-jet paper in sizes up to and including Super A3 (or A3/B). Other brands and finishes may give undesired results. The Lab is willing to run ink-jet or multi-purpose ink-jet at the customers expense regardless of the results, no refunds or free prints for custom paper brought in by students for use on the Epson printer.
  • For the Black and White Laser printers we recommend Hammermil Laserprint, the Lab stocks 24lb Bright White Laserprint in letter and tabloid sizes. The Lab is willing to run any paper in a package that clearly states Laser Printer compatible, including multi-purpose papers.
  • For the Xerox Color Phaser printer we recommend Hammermil Laserprint, the Lab stocks 24lb Bright White Laserprint in letter and tabloid sizes. The Lab WILL NOT run multi-purpose papers in the Xerox Phaser. The Lab WILL NOT run velum, transparencies, suede(velvet) or other non-traditional fibers paper in the Xerox Phaser. Students or Faculty who wish to run a custom paper in the Xerox Phaser MUST bring the package of paper during daytime hours for approval and testing by Dennis Santspree in room 1-212 at least a day prior to printing of the project. No custom paper will be printed in the Xerox Phaser with out Dennis’ prior approval.

Note about the Large-Format printer
The Large format printer is not for direct access by students or faculty. Use of the large-format printer must be pre-arranged with department management prior to the start of the semester for a specified project to occur in said semester. Funding for supplies has to be budgeted for it from normal operating budgets. If it is decided to use the large format printer for a class project no cost shall be incurred by the students in the class. Each student will receive one print with no reprints for student mistakes in the file or variances in the anticipated color gamut. Often a select group of students may be chosen by department for large format prints based on determined need of departmental goals. For example a submission to an Juried Award Show, a Departmental Exhibition or for use as instructional resources.

Note about funding and costs
All printing hardware is owned and maintained by Valencia Graphics Department. All supplies for printing (with the exclusion of large format supplies) including inks, toners and papers; are purchased by Valencia’s Graphic Design Group Club. All proceeds from the purchase of print cards goes to fund the Graphic Design Group Club needs, various Guest Speakers and other Club Events.

Any questions regarding the above policies should be directed to Dennis Santspree at 407-299-5000 x2762.

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