Ad2 Mentorship Program

The Ad2 Mentor Program: Meet the right people to help you grow.

Nothing beats experience in the real world, but where can today’s students find it? Sometimes it’s difficult for even the most talented and hard-working students to catch a break. Ad 2’s Mentorship Program is designed to give students the opportunity to meet a mentor and learn from someone who once stood in their shoes.

With graduation closer than it appears, you want to give yourself every opportunity to learn new skills, perfect your work, and meet the right people along the way to help you grow your skills, confidence and networking abilities. Based on your individual career goals and interests, Ad2 will match you up with an appropriate mentor within our local Orlando industry.

Just like Ad2, the club for young advertising professionals, the Mentor Program is what you make it. Whether you need a mentor’s advice once a month, or want to regularly “do lunch”, it’s up to you.

Simply fill out the Application and email it to

Application deadline is September 23rd, 2011.

Mentorship kickoff event will be Tuesday, September 27 from 6-8pm at Smokey Bones on East Colonial (attendance is mandatory for all applicants).

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