2011 Graphics & Fine Art Student Juried Show Call for Entries



GRAPHICS Student Submission Guidelines (NOTE: The below outlines submission criteria for work done for Graphics courses only. The guidelines for submitting work completed in ART courses is different than what is on this posting for GRA courses and different than criteria set in past years. Please stop by the Fine Art Dept. in Building 3-115 for submission guidelines for work completed in ART courses – e.g. ART1300C.)

Work Eligible: Any work produced in conjunction within a Valencia Graphics class (any course with a GRA or DIG prefix) from Summer session 2010 through Spring session 2011. Students may enter up to 2 pieces from each class taken during that time. Graphics students no longer need to finish their accepted work with plexiglass or framing, so please make sure the work you submitted is clean and professional enough to display in the gallery AS IS before submitting it for judging!

Presentation of Submitted Work:

  • Flat graphics work: needs to be professionally mounted on to black mat board for judging and presented in a way that isn’t sloppy or unprofessional. You will want to keep the board to a reasonable size so it is not too floppy to hang or does not warp while hung for several weeks. NOTE: Accepted work will be hung on the gallery walls AS SUBMITTED!
  • 3D work (such as package design, books, etc.): should be submitted in their finished 3D form and delivered in a container (like a box) to protect the contents from wear and tear that might occur while the work is in transit for judging and/or gallery setup. NOTE: Accepted work will be displayed in the gallery AS SUBMITTED! Generally 3D work is displayed on a pedestal, so you will want your work to look good from all sides/angles. You may also choose to submit a professional photograph of your 3D work, however, keep in mind the quality of the photograph will be important in the judging process.
  • Interactive/web projects: should all be burned onto a single labelled CD/DVD and files/folders should be clearly named so they match those on the submission forms. NOTE: Accepted work will presented on a computer in the gallery AS SUBMITTED!

Work Delivery Deadline for Judging: Friday, March 18th (no later than 9pm) to room 1-213. Each entry MUST have a completed entry form (including all of the colored copies) taped to the back in the lower right hand corner. Entry forms can be obtained in the Graphics area in 1-213 or in the Fine Arts area in 3-115 on the East Campus only.

Judging of Work: The judging of the work will take place on Saturday, March 19th.

Pickup of Unaccepted Work: All declined work must be picked up by Wednesday, March 23 in room 1-213. Any declined work left in the lab for longer than 3 weeks will be disposed of.

Accepted Work: A list of accepted Graphics work will be posted in the entry way of the East Campus Graphics area outside of 1-213 by Wednesday, March 23rd and posted on the blog. All accepted work will be taken to the gallery directly from the Graphics judging area by Friday March 27th. If you need to improve the presentation of your accepted work before it is submitted to the gallery the deadline to get your accepted work better prepared for display in the gallery and re-submitted to the Graphics Lab (1-213) is Friday March 27th.

Exhibition Opening Date: Friday April 15th – The reception is from 6:30 – 9:30pm. There will be an awards ceremony in the PAC at 7:30pm.

Exhibition Closing Date: Friday May 20th.

Picking Up Work After Exhibition Ends: Work, once taken down from the show, can be picked up in the Gallery Area in Building 3-115 or in 1-213 between Monday, May 23rd – Friday, May 27th. Any work that is not picked up by that time may be used to decorate the Graphics Lab walls.

A printout of this information can also be obtained by requesting it from an East Campus Lab Assistant in 1-213.

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  • Posted: March 9, 2011 23:23

    Brian Nutt

    The art for the poster is flippin' sweet pickler!
    • Posted: March 10, 2011 00:02


      Thanks Nutt.
  • Posted: March 14, 2011 11:02

    Matt Ma

    Can I submit my website with website address instead of burning to a disc ? I do not think it is gonna work on the regular computer because the dynamic generated web page need server to process the page request and make the pages on the fly. I think it is better to just open a webpage with internet connection.
  • Posted: March 14, 2011 13:45

    kristy pennino

    yes, matt. a web link will work perfectly. :-)
  • Posted: March 16, 2011 16:26

    Matt Ma

    Thank you for the reply. My website which I did last year for the portfolio review class is . Do I need to go to VCC to fill out any form? I am thinking about going to the event in VCC east this Sat night. Can I fill out the form at that time then? or Any electronic form available? Thank you in advance.