An internship is an opportunity for students to work in their chosen profession while attending school in order to gain valuable knowledge and work experience.

Most often, interns are not paid for the work they do monetarily, but are instead rewarded by the sharing of knowledge, ideas, opportunities for their portfolio, networks and possibly a permanent job offer if the intern takes advantage of the opportunity to be a valuable employee.
Students in the Valencia Graphics Department are required to take an internship. Students cannot take an internship until they have passed GRA2182C Advanced Graphic Design II OR GRA2143 Advanced Web Page Design with a C or higher. Students probably won’t qualify for a Graphics Internship until their final two semesters enrolled.

You will not be able to register for an internship without following the steps outlined on our blog:

East Campus Lab Building 1 Room 213 

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various format paper cutters, board cutters, headphone check-out, loupe check-out, spray booth, viewing booth, light table, camera check-out, scanners, wacom tablet check-out and Cintiq monitors. All this in a friendly social working environment with a modern resources for students to browse and lounge while working on their laptops.

Phone: 407-582-2762           Visit for current hours and closed dates. Check before you drive.

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. not supplied to students in the lab.

West Campus Lab 3-150

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various cutting areas, headphone check-out, camera check-out, light table, scanners, loupe check-out, photo tent and wacom tablet check-out. Please be mindful if there are classes in session when using this lab by using only the computers in the back of the room.

Phone: 407-582-1592

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. not supplied to students in the lab.

Osceola Campus Lab 1-244

Students have access to large and small format laser and ink jet printers, various cutting areas, camera check-out, lights and light cube, media card readers, scanners, loupe check-out, Pantone swatch books, and wacom tablet check-out. Please be patient while we work on making lab improvements you’re going to love.

Phone 407-582-4953

No Food or Drink Allowed. Certain supplies like custom printing paper, staples, paperclips, xacto blades, adhesive, etc. might not be available for students in the lab.

Feel free to request more information! You can also stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Pinterest.

Kristy Pennino
East Campus Program Chair /

Meg Curtiss
West Campus Program Chair /

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2014 Annual Student Juried Show Accepted Work

by kpennino on March 31, 2014

Congratulation to those Graphic & Interactive Design and Digital Media student whose work was accepted into the 2014 Annual Student Juried Fine & Graphic Art Show. Every year awards are given to exceptional work that was accepted into the show. To know to won an award, you should attend the show opening:

2014 Annual Student Juried Fine & Graphic Art Show
East Campus Building 3 Anita S. Wooten Gallery and Atrium
Friday, April 18th  from 6:30pm – 8:30pm
Awards Ceremony in the Atrium at 7:30pm

Here is the list of Accepted Graphic Design/Interactive Design/Digital Media Work: 

Lauren Shafer: 

  • Apostle Clothing Shopping Bag
  • Something Blue Wedding Collateral
  • Donate for Life Branding


Adrianna Perrault: 

  • Leighline Irish Pub Branding
  • American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Branding
  • Carbon Cycles Branding


Ruben Del Rio: 

  • Pledge Eternity Campaign
  • Save the Arts Campaign
  • You Are What You Eat (large poster)
  • Atoms for Peace Album Art Visualization
  • Calvin + Hobbes Flash Website
  • Jake’s Mailman Interactive Animation
  • Craigslist Redesign – 90 degrees Website
  • The Drunken Monkey Responsive Website
  • Marx and Lennin Footwear LLC Website
  • Print Squid Website
  • Designificationalism Website


Devin Jacoviello: 

  • Developing Chemicals Packaging
  • Monarch Motorcycle Posters (2)
  • Monarch Motorcycle Branding
  • Haymaker Typographic Posters (3)
  • Below Minimum Wage Ad Campaign (3)
  • Adelaide Guitar Branding
  • Kick Fix Sneaker Mobile App
  • Rough Riders BBQ Branding


Jennifer Pelham: 

  • The Tar Pit Smokehouse Branding
  • Royal Alexandria Railway Branding
  • Leutzinger Watch Co. Branding
  • Castor Peak Ski Equipment Branding (2)


Sarah Siddiqui: 

  • The Art of Type – Typography Book
  • Frozen Movie Poster
  • Bauhaus Poster


Christopher Reath: 

  • The Magic School Bus Brochure
  • Unfair Brand Posters (3)
  • Unfair Skateboards Branding
  • Avian Brothers Branding
  • Copeland Guitar Co. Branding
  • 3 Little Pigs Barbecue Pit Branding
  • Lauren & Nicholas Wedding Collateral


Sebastian Mejia: 

  • ADAGIO Men’s Dress Apparel Branding Branding
  • Hops & Dreams Brewing Co. Branding
  • Travel Germany Website
  • Cotton On Website/Apparel Site
  • Millennium Falcon Interactive Map
  • Habitat for Humanity Website


Taylor Huff: 

  • Rockstar Cupcake Lounge Packaging
  • Ethos Vegan Kitchen Presentation Digital Layout


Lynda Kusuma: 

  • Typography Book
  •  1st Book Style Guide


Ravish Patel: Zooda Skateboards

Austen Rebel: Pantone’s 50th Anniversary Campaign

Josef Ortiz: Ethios Coffee Packaging

Kira Rosa: Ship Wrecked Rum Packaging

Serena LynFatt: Eat, Sleep, TYPE – Typographic Book Design

Tibby Starks: Get the Facts About Greyhounds

Jason Valderrama-Urrego: Shepard Ad Campaign

Jason Cardenas: Sushiology Redesign Website


Unaccepted work should be picked up before the end of the semester in the East Campus lab in 1-215.



Call for Entries: 2014 Annual Juried Student Fine Art & Graphic Art Exhibition

by kpennino on February 19, 2014



GRAPHICS Student Submission Guidelines (NOTE: The below outlines submission criteria for work done for Graphics courses only. The guidelines for submitting work completed in ART courses is different than what is on this posting for GRA courses and different than criteria set in past years. Please stop by the Fine Art Dept. in Building 3-115 for submission guidelines for work completed in ART courses – e.g. ART1300C.)

Work Eligible: Any work produced in conjunction within a Valencia Graphics class (any course with a GRA or DIG prefix) from Summer session 2013 through Spring session 2014. Students may enter up to 2 pieces from each class taken during that time. Graphics students no longer need to finish their accepted work with plexiglass or framing, so please make sure the work you submit is clean and professional enough to display in the gallery AS IS before submitting it for judging!

Presentation of Submitted Work:

  • Flat graphics work: needs to be professionally mounted onto black mat board for judging and presented in a way that isn’t sloppy or unprofessional. You will want to keep the board to a reasonable size so it is not too floppy to hang or does not warp while hung for several weeks. Posters larger than 11 x 17 do NOT need to be mounted. NOTE: Accepted work will be hung on the gallery walls AS SUBMITTED!
  • 3D work (such as package design, books, etc.): should be submitted in their finished 3D form and delivered in a container (like a box) to protect the contents from wear and tear that might occur while the work is in transit for judging and/or gallery setup. NOTE: Accepted work will be displayed in the gallery AS SUBMITTED! Generally 3D work is displayed on a pedestal, so you will want your work to look good from all sides/angles. You may also choose to submit a professional photograph of your 3D work, however, keep in mind the quality of the photograph will be important in the judging process.
  • Interactive/web projects: should all be burned onto a single labelled CD/DVD and files/folders should be clearly named so they match those on the submission forms. An entry form for EACH project on the disk needs to be filled out and all entry forms attached to the disk. NOTE: Accepted work will presented on a computer in the gallery AS SUBMITTED!

Work Delivery Deadline for Judging: Friday, March 28th (no later than 5pm) to our EAST Campus Graphics Lab in 1-213. You may also drop off your work in the WEST Campus Graphics Lab in 5-130, however; you must drop off your work at that location by THURSDAY, March 27th by 3pm. Each entry MUST have a completed entry form (including ALL of the colored copies) taped to the back in the lower right hand corner. Entry forms can be obtained in the East Graphics area in 1-213 (or in the West Campus Graphics lab in 5-130) or in the East Campus Fine Arts area in 3-115.

Judging of Work: The judging of the work will take place on Saturday, March 29th.

Pickup of Unaccepted Work: All declined work must be picked up by Monday, March 31st in room 1-213. Any declined work left in the lab for longer than 3 weeks will be disposed of.

Accepted Work: A list of accepted Graphics work will be posted in the entry way of the East Campus Graphics area outside of 1-213 by Friday, April 4th and posted on this blog. All accepted work will be taken to the gallery directly from the Graphics judging area by Friday, April 4th. If you need to improve the presentation of your accepted work before it is submitted to the gallery the deadline to get your accepted work better prepared for display in the gallery and re-submitted to the Graphics Lab (1-213) is Friday, April 4th.

Exhibition Opening Date: Friday April 18th, 2014 – The reception is from 6:30 – 8:30pm. There will be an awards ceremony in the Building 3 Atrium at 7:30pm.

Exhibition Closing Date: Friday May 22nd.

Picking Up Work After Exhibition Ends: Work, once taken down from the show, can be picked up in 1-213 between Tuesday, May 27th– Friday, May 30th. Any work that is not picked up by that time may be used to decorate the Graphics Lab walls.

A printout of this information can also be obtained by requesting it from an East Campus Lab Assistant in 1-213.



American Advertising Awards (formerly ADDYs) Call for Entries!

by kpennino on January 8, 2014
The American Advertising Awards (formerly the Addy Awards) are coming up & now is the time to get your entries together!
Early Bird Online Entry NOW through January 10th, 2014
Our student judging panel will consist of amazing local art directors and creatives, allowing your work to get in front of potential employers.
All entries will be proudly displayed at Addy Gallery night in February. Even better, if you win you’ll be able to call yourself an American Advertising Award winner! (which looks great on a résumé).
Student entries are $35.  
Entry Day Location: Full Sail, (Room TBD), 3300 University Blvd., Winter Park, FL 32792
Secondary Location: Push Button Productions (Downtown Orlando) 1 S. Orange Ave. #306, Orlando, FL 32801
All entries must be physically submitted at one of these 2 locations on Jan. 15th, 2014.  No entries will be accepted after 7PM. To be eligible for consideration of an American Advertising Award, all work must have been published or aired between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013.
To apply, please check out the directions on the AAF website below.


The traveling one show

by Amanda Kern on October 23, 2013

The prestigious international One Show awards-including One Show, One Show Design and One Show Interactive-are coming back to Central Florida with a special screening and gallery exhibition of the year’s best in creative advertising from across the globe. Presented by MP advertising, AIGA Orlando and The One Club, the event also features winning television and video work alongside a gallery showing of outdoor, public service, newspaper and magazine advertising, corporate identity, branding and 3D samples of package, publication, collateral and spatial design.

All Florida creative and advertising professionals, students and industry colleagues are invited to attend and enjoy a party atmosphere with some of the world’s best creative advertising, speaker discussions and gallery exhibition. The show will take place from 5:30-9pm on October 29, 2013 at The Orange Studio.

To rsvp and learn more about the traveling one show event visit AIGA Orlando’s event page.

Graphic & Interactive Design Student Juried Show Award Winners

by kpennino on April 19, 2013

Below is a list of the 2013 Graphic & Interactive Design Student Juried Show Award Winners:

Robert Sena Web Design Award – Nadia Pedrosa; My Creative Process
Graphic Design Award – Bryant Taylor; MTV Ad Campaign
Barbara Peterson Excellence in Design Award – Carly Harms; Terras Gauda Wine Poster
Into the Darkness I Tread, Not With a Grimace, But a Grin – Jennifer Jewell; Step Into Darkness/Dark Army/Malus
Excellence in Typography Award (Print) – Sebastian Mejia; Shenandoah Growers Packaging
Excellence in Typography Award (Web/Interactive) – Nadia Pedrosa; My Creative Process
Best Spot Color Print Design – Amanda Shaw; The Shins Album Cover
Dr. R. S. Grove Memorial Award in Illustration – Andia S. Greenlee; Animal Farm Book Cover
For the Fun of It – Ruben Del Rio; Muto (stop motion)
The Finishing Touch Award – Sebastian Mejia; Shenandoah Growers Packaging
Best of Show - Jennifer Jewell; Self Branding/Portfolio
Dean’s Award for Graphics – Ruben Del Rio; Times Poster
If I Had Wall Space I Would Buy It Award – Jennifer Jewell; Self Branding/Portfolio
If I Had Wall Space I Would Buy It Award – Amanda Shaw; Times New Roman Poster
If I Had Wall Space I Would Buy It Award – Carly Harms; Terras Gauda Wine Poster
SAY IT LOUD! Campaign Concept Award – Moyaah Keener; Ms.
Excellence in Innovation, Execution & Creative Thinking – Jennifer Jewell; Self Branding/Portfolio
Zumafu Foundation Award for Web Design – Nadia Pedrosa; My Creative Process
Zumafu Foundation Award for Interactive Design – Huyen Lisa Nguyen; Listerine Campaign
PMS Award – Bryant Taylor; Do Something Ad Campaign

Students who were unable to attend the award ceremony and who won awards should stop by our East Campus Graphic Lab in 1-213 to pick up their award.

Spring Portfolio Show ‘n’ Tell

by kpennino on April 9, 2013

Each semester, students who have completed GRA 1951C Portfolio Review (aka. the light at the end of the tunnel), open their hearts and portfolios for anyone who is interested in seeing their finished work. Although ANYONE is welcome to attend, this is an especially awesome inspirational opportunity for students at all levels to ask questions and see the type of talent they will ultimately have to compete against for jobs! No pressure, right!? :-) Here are the details for the current semester show ‘n’ tell:

What: Portfolio Show ‘n’ Tell

Where: Valencia’s East Campus Graphics Classroom in 1-214

When: Thursday, April 25th from 12pm – 2pm

2013 Accepted Graphics Student Juried Work

by kpennino on March 26, 2013

Below is a list of the Graphic’s work that was selected by our jurors to be in the 2013 Annual Student Graphic & Fine Art Student Juried Show. To find out who won awards, you’ll need to attend the awards ceremony taking place the night of the show opening:

When: Friday, April 12, 2013 from 6:30pm – 9pm
Awards Ceremony: 7pm
Where: Valencia’s East Campus Anita S. Wooten Gallery (Building 3)

Accepted Print/3D:
Amanda Shaw – Wisdom Poster
Amanda Shaw – Times New Roman Poster
Amanda Shaw – Experiment With Type
Amanda Shaw – Audio Punk Brand Style Guide
Amanda Shaw – Converse Rebrand
Amanda Shaw -  Luxury Transportation Brochure
Amanda Shaw – Fresh Pulp Brand Book/Package
Amanda Shaw – Gaslight Anthem Poster
Amanda Shaw – The Shins Album Cover
Robert Trevor Gaye – Kabel Font Poster
Robert Trevor Gaye – Creative Culture Packaging
Kristie D’Agostino – Bass Nectar
Kristie D’Agostino – Adopt a Best Friend
Kristie D’Agostino – Save the Turtles
Bry Schultz – Shadow Type STD
Bry Schultz – The Only True Knowledge is Knowing You Know Nothing
Ruben Del Rio – Times
Ruben Del Rio – Ego/Mirror
Ruben Del Rio -  a-b (FedEx)
Sebastian Mejia – Slow and Low BBQ Sauce
Sebastian Mejia – Shenandoah Growers Package Design
David Small – Bugatti Veyron
David Small – Pan Am Rebrand
David Small – Spy Center
Bryant Taylor – Urban Outfitters Style Guide
Bryant Taylor – Do Something Ads
Bryant Taylor – MTV Ads
Carly Harms – Dandelion Wine
Carly Harms – Univers Typography Poster
Carly Harms – Terras Gauda Wine Poster
Carly Harms – Globe Longboarding Brochure
Carly Harms – Gaslight Anthem Ads and Merchandise
Jennifer Jewell – Self Branding/Portfolio
Jennifer Jewell – Step Into Darkness / Dark Army / Malus
Huyen Lisa Nguyen – Game. Set. Match. Midtown Athletic Club
Huyen Lisa Nguyen – Before You Speak
Matthew Westerman – Wisdom Poster
Crystalyn Burns – From Heart, to Limb, to Pen
Kira Rosa – *it Happens
Amy Fuhlbruck – Dont Save Me
Andia S. Greenlee – Animal Farm Book Cover
Kira Rosa – Punks Not Dead
Serena Y. Lyn Fatt – Everglades Project Stationary Design
Jennifer Atwell – Spark Digital Corporate Identity
Sarah Siddiqui – Just Desserts Stationary Design
Moyaah S. Keener – Ms.
Tara Paragian – Spark Digital Corporate Identity Package
Ruben Del Rio – Muto
Ruben Del Rio – of Montreal Website
Nadia Pedrosa – My Creative Process
Nadia Pedrosa – Fruictice





2013 Orlando ADDYS + student ADDY workshop

by Amanda Kern on November 28, 2012

The Orlando Advertising Federation will begin accepting entries into the 2012 Orlando ADDYS. The annual Orlando ADDY Awards program recognizes creative excellence in locally created advertising.

Early Registration Opens Monday, Dec. 17th
Late Registration Begins Saturday, Jan. 5th
Deadline & Submission Day: Friday, Jan. 11th

Student Single – $40 (Late – $50)
Student Campaign – $40 (Late – $50)

Become an AAF or Ad 2 member and save: Members receive discounted entry pricing. Visit to sign up.

*Print entries require two printed pieces with submission. Interactive entries require one printed screen shot for use at Gallery Night.

This year, all student entries will be judged by local creative directors. That means your work is being seen by some of the top professionals in the Orlando area. You’ll also get a chance to showcase your work at the ADDY Gallery night being hosted at City Arts Factory.

To stay up to date on all the ADDYs information, check out:

A representative from Ad2 will be on east campus in room 1-214 on December 5th, 2012 at 5pm to share tips on preparing to enter your work for the ADDY’s and answer any questions. All students considering entering work into the ADDY’s are encouraged to attend.

Scooters 4 Hooters Poster Design Competition

by admin on October 7, 2012

Many Kudos for Valencia Graphics Students!

by kpennino on July 11, 2012

My apologies in advance – this post is VERY long overdo! Valencia Graphics students have been very busy winning awards the past couple of months!

To start, Jenny Plucinsky was awarded a National Student Silver ADDY Award this year for her poster shown below:

Next, Zuleika Arroyo was awarded a Silver Medal in the International Conqueror Typographic Games poster competition for her poster shown below:

Stacy Frank also placed in the Conqueror Typographic Games poster competition with a Bronze Medal for her work below:

To add to Stacy and Zuleika’s accomplishments in this competition, jurors made their voice heard but selecting Jeffrey Chery’s poster for commendation by displaying it in their awards/launch event held at Colette in Paris:

Finally, Nichawan “Sung” Wongpitaksiri is current a semi-finalist in round 2 of the international 2012 Adobe Design Achievement Awards. Send some good karma her way in hopes she makes it as a finalist in the competition for her work below: